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The Recap

I had high hopes for my blogging, but then I decided to open my own business. Blogging: not high on my list of shit to do. Going to IKEA: SUPER high on my list of shit to do!

Here’s the breakdown.

I woke up on the morning of Sunday, September 20th, and I was ON FIYAH. It was around 5am, and I had dreamed up the perfect concept for my acupuncture practice. I knew it would work, I needed funding, and I need to make things happen.

I spent the day brainstorming everything I needed / wanted to happen, put together a business plan, and got to work on a website, etc. I did a little shopping around for a good space and put some feelers out with like minded folks I know in town.

On Wednesday, September 23rd, I went to check out the space that would ultimately house my practice. It felt amazing, had great light and was the perfect size / price. I emailed the landlord about my situation, and they were more than willing to work with me on deposits to get me in for as little money possible.

Here’s the space when I first saw it:

So, I tweaked my business plan for the next couple of days and figured out exactly what I needed. Priced furniture, various associations I wanted to join, etc.

On monday the 28th of September I signed my lease (and my landlords waived my first month’s rent!), applied for my LLC, registered my business name, applied for a tax ID, joined the Downtown Raleigh Alliance, registered my website, purchased carbon offsets, practice management software and found someone who would paint the space for me for $50! (I made him let me pay him $75 and give him a treatment) Quite a day. I came home and started working on copy for the website.

Tuesday the 29th – I purchased paint (Benjamin Moore Natura – all VOC free water based – remarkable product that I highly recommend) and picked up my keys to the office so I could let my new friend Rob in to paint. I mostly worked on website design and figured out what I was going to get at IKEA.

Wednesday the 30th – I drove to Charlotte to go to IKEA, and a good friend was kind enough to let me borrow his truck. Met my old roommate at the store so I’d have some company, and acquired a desk, two chairs, a desk chair, a cool glass lamp and a large cabinet to keep all of my supplies. I was exactly on budget and out of there in two hours. I got home and built the cabinet and then headed out for a cocktail.

Thursday October 1st – I continued building furniture and figuring out what I wanted to go in the space. I placed a hefty needle order with Lhasa OMS and packed up all my work stuff from the house.

On Friday the second of October I’m sure I did some stuff, but I can’t remember what. I agonized over a table for behind my desk for a while and fretted about art. I decided on one from CB2, a cool mod Sarinaan-esque lamp, some fun lucite desk accessories and a beautiful photograph of a magnolia blossom. I placed my orders on sunday and messed with website copy for a few hours. The following week (that being Monday October 5th through the ninth) – I ate my weight in chinese food from five star (love!), received my lhasa order on monday, my cb2 oder came on tuesday, wednesday and thursday, I set up my bank accounts, my print came friday and I did my first treatment on friday afternoon! (and went for more Chinese).

Ta Da! I give you The Acupuncture Studio!

As of saturday, October 10th we are live on the web at!

And you can become a fan on facebook too! CLICK HERE. Almost 100 fans in 24 hours!

I would like to say that I can’t believe I put this together in less than three weeks, but I can! I can believe it! I worked my butt off and made things happen. I waited until I knew exactly what I wanted, made a plan and worked it out. I am incredibly proud of myself for staying focused and now I have a place that I am so excited to bring people into, that I know is soothing and calm, that I hope brings health and well-being to everyone who crosses its threshold. Welcome, and enjoy!


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